Prida Pure Argan Oil Murah Giler

Prida Pure Argan Oil Murah Giler

Pure Argan Oil Murah Giler

35ml per bottle


Argan oil has become an outbreak to get beautiful, smooth and perfect skin. It is also known as Moroccan oil, and it has great cosmetic and medicinal benefits.

Why is argan oil the biggest cosmetic outbreak of the 21st century? The answer is simple – it is the complete beauty package. Argan oil is made up of tocopherols – natural vitamin E constituents. Vitamin E is a popularly known cosmetic supplement because its primary function is promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Argan oil also has high unsaturated fatty acid content, which is good for the whole body. The natural oils and acids found in Moroccan oil are best used for moisturizing the skin. Because of its highly nutritive and cosmetic value, argan oil has really captured the attention of both skin care manufacturers and consumers.

Argan oil is most effective as a moisturizer, toner, and treatment for general hair, skin, and nail problems.

Argan oil in its purest form is highly effective. Therefore, it does not need a lot of other secondary ingredients in order to keep its effectiveness and freshness.

It is also not advisable to buy argan oil products which have been mixed with toxic ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and chlorides, since these chemicals are not good for the health. 100% pure and preservative-free Argan oil is best to use for your daily skin regimen.

Prida Pure Argan Oil is in its purest, lightest, and most effective form. It’s like you extracted it from the Argan tree yourself. Prida Pure Argan oil is a whole-body package. You can use it on your skin, face, hair nails, and private areas that you want to moisturize and beautify.

Prida pure argan oil has undergone a process that promotes its freshness without having to add preservatives in the mixture. This means that this argan oil is in its purest form with all of the health-beneficial components intact.

We also advise individuals who have skin problems to use our argan oil. It is good for treating lifetime eczema, psoriasis, and acne problems. It helps retain moisture in the skin and enhance natural skin rejuvenation and cell production.

Pure Argan Oil Murah Giler

Prida Pure Argan Oil is 100% pure and chemical-free argan oil. Each bottle contains all of the benefits and nutrients that pure argan oil has to offer. It is very simple to use. You can apply it anywhere on your skin and hair, and you can surely see some results after a few weeks of regular use.
What is Argan oil?

Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of Argan tree, Argania Spinosa, which is only found in the south west of Morocco.

Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-microbial agents that scientists believe are behind its numerous nutritional, cosmetic, medicinal and therapeutic virtues.
Argan oil is versatile. It can be used to protect and nourish skin, hair, and nails by all family members including babies.

While Argan oil has only recently become recognized in the western world as one of the leading anti-aging products, it has been coveted by women for centuries for its healing and beautifying properties.

Argan oil remains one of the rarest, most sought after and expansive oils in the world due to very limited growing area, declining supply, and soaring world demand.

What other names does Argan oil have?

Argan oil’s botanical name is Argania Spinosa oil.
Due to its amazing benefits for skin and hair Argan oil earned several praising nicknames such as; liquid gold, miracle oil, magic potion, natural elixir of beauty, fountain of youth.

Other popular names are related to its origin or to the Argan tree such as; Moroccan Argan oil, Argan Moroccan oil, Moroccan oil, oil of Argan, Argan tree oil, Argana oil, Argania oil, Morocco oil, or oil of Morocco.

What are the different grades of Argan oil?

There are three grades of Argan oil:

Culinary Argan oil

Aka edible Argan oil, toasted Argan oil, alimentary Argan oil, roasted Argan oil, or food grade Argan oil, is pounded out of lightly roasted kernels to bring out their distinctive flavor and nutty aroma.

Before extraction, Argan kernels are roasted on low fire (about 150° C) for 10 minutes while stirring from time to time. Argan kernels should not be in direct contact with flames during the roasting process. They are very thin and can burn easily. Culinary Argan oil pressed out of over-roasted or burned kernels has a rather unpleasant flavor.

Culinary Argan oil is destined solely for flavoring, salad seasoning, or cooking. Besides being an exquisite delish, culinary Argan oil has numerous healthful benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels, improving blood circulation, and preventing cancer.

Due to its high price, it is only used in luxury restaurants around the world.

Culinary Argan oil is sometimes mistakenly used for cosmetic purposes. This is not recommended for the following reasons:

Anti-aging and healing properties are lost when the kernels are exposed to heat during roasting

Raw Argan oil

Aka cosmetic Argan oil, cosmetic grade Argan oil, cold-pressed Argan oil, or extra-virgin Argan oil, is pounded out of raw kernels. These are not roasted before pressing. It is the only grade of Argan oil suitable for cosmetic use, because the chemical composition of the oil is not altered by heat and the healing and nutritive agents remain intact. Raw Argan oil has the best benefits for skin and hair.

Raw Argan oil is destined for cosmetic use only. It has no flavor and hardly any aroma.

Deodorized Argan oil

Cosmetic Argan oil is sometimes deodorized to remove its natural scent. There are two methods of deodorization: steam and chemical. Both methods strip the oil of purported healthful qualities making it less efficient.

Steam deodorization does not involve the use of chemicals, however because the oil is exposed to heat, it can no longer be classified as cold-pressed, which is actually the only grade of Argan oil suitable for cosmetic use.

Chemical deodorization involves the use of chemicals. As a result the oil is no longer natural. Deodorized Argan oil has no aroma and a much lighter color.

Prida Pure Argan Oil is not deodorized.

Pure Argan Oil Murah Giler

How to differentiate culinary from cosmetic Argan oil?

There are three ways to differentiate cosmetic from culinary Argan oil:

    Color: The biggest difference noticeable to the eye is the color. Culinary Argan oil has a much darker color than the light gold color of cosmetic Argan oil.

    Aroma: Culinary Argan oil has a strong aroma, while cosmetic Argan oil has barely any, given it is pure and good quality.

    Taste: culinary Argan oil is a delectable delicacy, a true delight even for the most advanced palates. Cosmetic Argan oil has no taste.

Argan oil smell

Good quality and pure raw Argan oil should not have a strong odor. It has a light barely noticeable aroma. Besides the fact that its healing and nutritive agents are not lost in the process of extraction, raw Argan oil has been destined for cosmetic use because it does not have an objectionable smell for personal use.

The presence of a strong odor in cosmetic Argan oil might be due to the following reasons:

    Not cold pressed (culinary Argan oil)
    Pulp and shell were not removed properly prior to extraction.
    Pounded out of poor quality, over-ripe, rotten, molded or old Argan nuts
    Poor production method; manual extraction with water addition
    Not decanted enough; significant presence of sediments and depot
    Diluted. Impure
    Rancid. Infected with bacteria
    Old, with expired shelf life

What is the shelf life of Argan oil?

The shelf life of cosmetic Argan oil depends on several factors:

    The quality of the oil: The higher the quality the longer the shelf life
    The extraction method: manual extraction requires water addition. Water presence favors bacterial growth thus shortening the shelf life of the oil.
    The quality of Argan nuts: Argan oil pounded out of moldy, rotten, or old Argan nuts is predisposed to rapid rancidity
    Inappropriate storing: Argan oil exposed to the light will inevitably have a shorter life

Pure Argan Oil Murah Giler

Cara guna Prida Pure Argan Oil Murah Giler:

Jika anda menggunakan minyak argan sebagai produk kecantikan, pastikan anda membeli minyak argan yang menurut piawai kosmetik, bukan minyak argan untuk makanan.

Muka : Anda boleh menggunakannya pada waktu malam sebagai rawatan pelembapan intensif dan waktu pagi sebagai asas kepada mekap anda. Mula gunakan argan pada waktu malam untuk mengetahui bagaimana kulit anda bertindak dengan minyak Argan. Kemudian, anda boleh menggunakannya pada waktu siang jika anda memerlukan kelembapan kulit atau hanya sapukan kepada tempat yang kering atau kawasan kedutan. Jika anda mempunyai kulit kering, gunakan pada waktu pagi juga.

Apabila anda menggunakan 100% minyak argan asli, anda hanya perlu menggunakan beberapa titik untuk keseluruhan muka. Minyak berkenaan akan meresap dengan mudah, tidak meninggalkan kesan berminyak dan boleh digunakan di sekitar kawasan mata anda.

Urutan lembut pada waktu petang pada wajah dengan pengerakan bulatan adalah disyorkan untuk semua jenis wajah. Selain itu, anda juga boleh menggunakan pada bibir anda jika ianya kering.

Rambut : Sapukan pada rambut anda untuk memiliki rambut yang sihat, cantik & bersinar secara semulajadi.

Testimoni Prida Pure Argan Oil Murah Giler : 

“"Saya telah menggunakan Pure Pure Argan Oil sejak 6 bulan sebelum saya melahirkan anak pertama saya. Alhamdulillah setelah bersalin, saya tiada strech mark, terima kasih Prida Pure Argan Oil," Pn Afreen (26 tahun)

“Saya seorang yang tidak suka bermekap bila keluar rumah, dengan adanya Prida Pure Argan Oil ini, sy hanya perlu titiskan sedikit di tangan dan ratakan pada muka. Kemudian, pakai bedak asas dan keluar rumah dengan rasa penuh yakin dan selesa. Thanks Prida Pure Argan Oil kerana sentiasa membuatkan keyakinan saya bertambah.”

“I'm falling in love with the 100% Prida Pure Argan Oil, it make my skin so bright and smooth. Most importantly it let me feel so safe while applying as it is a chemical free, totally natural product!”

“The oil has made my skin looks brighter and lighten the acne scars. Furthermore, it helps combat my acne problem which I have face for so many years. I've been trying to use many products that is available on the market from low to the high end one but Prida Pure Argan Oil managed to solve my skin problem”.

Kenapa produk terbaru Prida Pure Argan Oil Murah Giler lambat keluar? 

Setiap satu produk yg ingin dikeluarkan oleh Prida akan mengambil masa 6 hingga 12 bulan daripada konsep, pemilihan ingredient, perbandingan dgn product sedia ada, sampling sehingga selesai stability test. Disebabkan banyak bahan-bahan tertentu tidak boleh dipakai seperti paraben, sls dan sebagainya, pemilihan bahan mestilah teliti supaya harganya nanti juga tidak membebankan pengguna, selain memastikan ianya bebas dari unsur haram atau syubhah.

Setiap sample produk juga akan dibandingkan dengan produk sedia ada di pasaran terutamanya dari jenama antarabangsa utk memastikan ianya sejajar dgn standard semasa. Kami juga memastikan harga produk-produk Prida adalah harga mampu dimiliki.

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